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small strings

Traditional and contemporary stringed instruments

crafted in Northumberland

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A selection of the instruments we have made —


 Classical guitar with padauk back and sides and Western red cedar top.



Carved mandolin with maple back and sides and spruce top.


 W148M-Tr2.jpg W148M-Tr1.jpg

Bespoke travel mandolin with walnut back and sides. Designed to fit in to the overhead compartment of a plane - approx. dimensions: length 48.5cm, max. width 24cm, width at top of headstock, incl. machine heads 11cm, max. depth 11cm. A small instrument with the sound of a full-size mandolin. Mark compares the instrument with a full-size mandolin here.


PippyElmGuitar3.jpg PippyElmGuitar1.jpg


 Guitar with arm bevel. In flamed walnut with pippy elm inlay and decoration.


Pippy elm mand1.jpgPippy elm mand2.jpg

Carved mandolin with pippy elm (burr) decoration.

Pippy elm bouz1.jpg Pippy elm bouz3.jpg

Carved-top bouzouki with pippy elm (burr) decoration. 



‘Lindis’ viola - Celtic horse's head scroll. Inlaid fingerboard. Maple back with contrasting rosewood sides. Clear oil varnish.



'Lindis' fiddle - Celtic horse's head scroll. Flamed maple back with contrasting rosewood sides. Clear oil varnish.


GL60CMN1.jpg W130FHHL.jpgMM2017.jpg

Left: Carved maple mandolin (A style) with French polished pearl inlay. Relic brass machine heads and tailpiece.

Centre: 'Lindis' fiddle with inlaid maple fingerboard. Mid-brown oil varnish.

Right: Traditional violin, based on a Guarneri. Matt finish in golden brown oil varnish.




5-Course rosewood octave mandolin (cittern) with pin tail.



Rosewood carved-top mandola.

If you'd like to know more about this instrument and hear it in action, click here to watch a video.



Carved maple mandolin (A5 style) with tobacco sunburst finish.



Rosewood flat-top mandolin with inlaid fingerboard and soundport.



Carved mandolin, top and side view



Inlay, Kelso Classic guitars



‘Kelso’ guitar                                          Parlour guitar (00 model)                                              



Boxwood with ebony fingerboard, 5-string fiddle       Walnut mandola, side view


bouzGL06_3.JPG  GL074.jpg

Inlaid back, bouzouki                                                  Modern 'scroll'




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