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small strings

Traditional and contemporary stringed instruments

crafted in Northumberland

Environmental policy and ethics

Our instruments

Our instruments (excluding fittings) are entirely handmade in Britain by Mark Mawby.

We try to support other British businesses, e.g.

  • our mandolin tailpieces are made by a firm near Edinburgh
  • our banners, business cards and other stationery are produced by a printer in Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • the cases for our newer instruments are designed and made in Staffordshire

Wood and the environment...

Although demand at the moment is very much for ‘exotic’ timbers like rosewood and mahogany, we believe that it is vitally important to protect and preserve sensitive environments such as rain forests, and therefore use alternatives when possible. We make extensive use of locally grown timbers, such as walnut and sycamore, and do our best to ensure that other wood we use comes from well-managed FSC-certified forests.

In years gone by, luthiers made instruments from the timbers they could obtain locally — for example, violin makers in Eighteenth Century London used sycamore, London plane and pearwood, in and amongst other timbers. Now much sought-after, these great instruments can be said to be ‘truly British’. Our long-term aim is to emulate the luthiers of years gone by, sourcing and using only locally grown timber.

As individuals and as a business, we aim to live and work with minimal carbon footprints.


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