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small strings

Traditional and contemporary stringed instruments

crafted in Northumberland


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Summer Festivals 2017

If you'd like to try an instrument before you buy, the easiest way is often to find us at a festival.

This year we'll be having a stall at –

  • 27-30 July  Warwick Folk Festival
  • 19-25 August   Whitby Folk Week
  • 9 & 10 September   BAAFest, Bellingham, Northumberland

We've already been to –

  • Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering (April)

We've decided to have a stall at fewer festivals than we would like this year, mainly for the sake of Louie, our old dog. He's 17+ (over 120 dog years), and likes his home comforts!


Not the best start to the year when Sue was involved in a serious accident in mid-January (someone lost control of their car and drove over the middle of the road and in to ours, at speed). As a result, Mark lost quite a lot of work time - however, we're now (the beginning of May) just about back to normal and Sue has almost fully recovered. Mark is finishing off a couple of commissions (many thanks to those of you who had to wait longer than expected for your instrument) as well as trying to build up some stock for summer festivals. Roll on summer!


Towards the end of April 2015, we relocated to north Northumberland. The move took much longer than expected, and caused huge disruption to instrument-making - we're still (Summer 2016) building up our stock. However, it was a very positive move for Small Strings as Mark now has a huge workshop. 


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